Aaron Pang is an author, motivational speaker, and business strategist. He founded his first e-commerce business at age 21 and a digital advertising business a few years later and reached over one million USD revenue in the first year. In 2015, he led and grew the home market of a successful global venture Lalamove and was recently Head of Digital Transformation for Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA). He is currently on a mission to help build a better working world at Ernst and Young.

 Aaron Pang是作家,勵志演說家和商業策略師。他在21歲時創立了自己的第一家電子商務業務,並在幾年後創立了數碼廣告公司,並在第一年實現了超過一百萬美元的收入。在2015年,他領導並發展了成功的全球企業Lalamove的國內市場,最近擔任香港會計師公會(HKICPA)數碼化轉型負責人。他目前的任務是幫助安永建立一個更美好的工作世界

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  • 02:03 – 是否每個業務都需要進行數碼化轉型?Does every business need to be transformed digitally?
  • 05:24 – 要從確定客戶所面對的問題開始,而不是為了使IT同步正確而添加?So it starts with a pinpoint the customer is facing, and not to add for IT sync correct?
  • 06:39 – 您如何衡量成功?How do you measure success?
  • 09:22 – 技術可以令一間公司成為你的競爭對手嗎?Can technology impact a company and make it your competitor?
  • 10:36 – 您認同會說很多行業利益全歸贏家嗎?Would you say in a lot of industries winners take all?
  • 12:10 – 您給人們什麼樣的建議以改變他們的業務?What kind of advice do you give people to transform their business?
  • 18:46 – 您如何看待東西方文化差異對數碼化轉型的影響?How do you think the difference in culture of the East and West countries affect the digital transformation?
  • 21:04 – 如何與您聯繫以獲取有關其碼字化轉型的幫助?How will someone contact you to get help with their digital transformation?

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